Sunday, February 10, 2008

First Photo done on Mirror

Guinea Pig on Mirror Glass

My Guinea Pig on Mirror Glass
Reverse engraved on thin mirror.
First photo I ever Laser engraved
Speed: 100
Power: 13
DPI: 300
Scan Gap: 0.0846
Reverse engraved on a thin mirror. Approx 75mm square, not too big.

Wood Lasercut Miniature Chair

Wood cut Miniature Chair

A Miniature Chair cut from 3mm plywood. Plywood was nothing fancy just a piece of wood panelling from a old door that was lying around. Was cut with a 60W laser not really sure what setting were but think
S100mms P 40% of 60W

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Converting Laser Scan Gap to DPI

Chinese lasers tend to use a term called "Scan Gap". Scan Gap is how far the laser moves on the Y axis for each pass of the laser. Scan Gap is where you enter your DPI for engraving. DPI is in inches and Scan Gap is in Metric, so you do some maths.
DPI/25.4 = dpmm (Dots per millimetre)
1/dpmm = Scan Gap

Eg. 300/25.4 = 11.811 dpmm
1/11.811 = a scan gap of 0.0846

Some Converted for ease of use
1200 = 0.02116
800 = 0.03175
600 = 0.04233
500 = 0.05080
400 = 0.06350
300 = 0.0846
200 = 0.12700
150 = 0.1693
100 = 0.2540